Digital Resource Requirements

The requirements below apply to all students in undergraduate programs.

Graduate programs may have different requirements; please contact for information.


ECU recommends students have the latest available MacBook Pro or a PC equivalent.

It is not mandatory to purchase a new laptop if you already have one.

If you're bringing your own laptop, it must:

This ensures that you can keep up with the expectations of the curriculum.

    Educational Pricing

    We have joined with Apple and Dell to provide our students with a wide range of products at the best prices.

    If you choose to purchase an laptop for school, we recommend that you shop on our school’s online webstore to ensure that you get the exclusive pricing available to us.

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    All undergraduate students pay a mandatory yearly fee each September for the Adobe Creative Cloud, at a significant discount. This fee is included in your tuition and fees. Do not purchase this software elsewhere.

    Graduate students do not pay the Adobe Creative Cloud fee; graduate students may opt-in if they choose.

    Setting up your Adobe Creative Cloud account

    Students access their ECU supplied Adobe Creative Cloud software using an Adobe ID username that is the same as their ECU email address.

    For example: if your ECU e-mail address is, then you will use an Adobe ID is also

    Do you already have an Adobe ID?
    Do you need to create a new Adobe ID?

    After you have set up your Adobe ID

    Log in to your myEC account and select “Adobe Consent” in the Academic Profile pane. You are required to make a consent choice to either allow ECU to disclose your ECU email address to Adobe, or not. Make your consent choice and select the “Save” button. Please read and follow the instructions on the myEC Adobe Consent page.

    Using computers on campus

    You will use your Adobe ID to use Adobe software on ECU campus computers. Computers in labs, the library, and in other student accessible locations require you to login with your Adobe ID in order to use the Adobe software installed on the computer.

    Log out of your Adobe account before you walk away from using a shared computer. You are solely responsible for securing your Adobe account through the process of logging out.

    Technical support

    IT Services provides limited technical support for student laptops. This support is limited to:

    • accessing ECU's wireless network
    • curriculum printing resources.

    For help with the above, contact the IT Help Desk.

    ITS is not responsible for supporting students with hardware, operating system, application software, and virus issues on their personal laptops.


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